File Your Income Tax Return Quickly

File Your Income Tax Return Quickly

India's Online Income Tax Return Filing

All law-abiding Indian citizens are required to file income taxes with the government. Online tax filing is quick and easy thanks to contemporary technology. There are no time constraints, and this method is swift and exact.

ITR forms must be submitted in order to file an income tax return in India via the official website. ITR forms are different for those who are self-employed and those who are employed. This is a key duty given that the income tax division has a number of forms with names ranging from ITR 1 to ITR 7. Each form serves a specific function and belongs to a particular category.

Even if you merely overlook one field on the form or make any other errors, your income tax will not be submitted on time. Here is where you require professional advice. Taxcareunit regularly files income tax returns for both people and organisations. Because of this, you can rely on us to file your income tax returns. You must give us the following documents in order to do it.

Documents Needed to File an ITR Return

If you work for a company:

  • PAN Card
  • Your employer provided the Form 16
  • Salary Slip

Those who own businesses should:

  • Trading Update
  • Business account information
  • If any, a profit and loss statement

In addition, you can submit:

  • Investment evidence
  • Asset selling and purchase agreements
  • Bank TDS certificates are offered
  • Income statement for interest
  • receipts for contributions to mutual funds and other investment vehicles.

Checklist for Filing Income Tax Returns (ITR return)

According to Section 139 (1) of the Income-tax Act of 1961, every individual whose total income for the prior year exceeds the maximum amount exempt from tax is required to file income tax returns.

Let's be clear about it: Anyone making more than 2.5, 3 or 5 lakh rupees should file an ITR.

Advantages of Timely Filing a Tax Return

The following are some advantages of filing IT returns:

Loans: The latest three years' worth of IT returns are required for bank loans such as those for education, vehicles, and personal use.

Visa: Proofs are a must for visa applicants because immigration centres examine several documents and IT returns.

Avoid Penalties: It is usually preferable to file income tax returns in order to prevent legal penalties because substantial fines would be assessed for failure to do so.

Who Should Submit a Tax Return?

The following organizations, according to the Income Tax Department, are required to submit annual IT returns:

  • Individuals who are salaried and whose gross income, before deductions, exceeds the exemption amount under Sections 80C to 80U.
  • Regardless of profit or loss, all businesses, whether private limited, LLPs, or partnerships, are required to file IT returns.
  • Those who serve as a Limited Liability Partnership's Directors or Partners.
  • People who profit from investments like bonds, equities, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and other forms of interest.
  • People who receive money from voluntary contributions, charitable or religious trusts, and other sources
  • People and companies requesting tax refunds

How Can Taxcareunit Help You File Your ITR?

It will be difficult to prepare income tax returns on your own. However, if you use Taxcareunit to file your tax returns, you may finish everything in just three simple steps. Our knowledgeable staff can offer assistance whenever you need it and file your income tax returns quickly.


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